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"Hum Drum Enthusiasm"-Holding a Community Art Space in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada

    I am feeling excited and inspired by the energy around art making of all kinds.  The world of art has been a significant aspect of healthy prosperous societies in the history of human kind.  Eating, listening, observing, creating art opens up a world inside myself where I receive inspirational ideas to create a healthier lifestyle.  Art makes me feel more excited and joyful about life in general.  It feels fun and enlivening to look at my life from the curiosity of a child, exploring, discovering, and delighting in the process of imagining and creating the life I desire.  Awe and wonderment have taken up residence in my perspectives. Socializing in this place of deep communion with the creator increases its potency and brings more unity, peace and harmony within myself and with others.  Art brings joyful reminders of the simplicity and complexities of the magnificent beauty of the world, all people, and all of creation.   Art brings healing grace, calms me yet stirs me with inspirations, and life takes on a whole new meaning. 

    Just recently I was busy in the kitchen, washing the dishes by hand as my dishwasher is on the blink.  I found myself mesmerized by the soothing action of the warm dishwater and the motions I made with my hands in washing the dishes.  Suddenly with clarity, a couple of words popped into my mind, "hum, drum".  I laughed to myself and found myself curiously entertained by the words.    

    Immediately, memories from my past began to flood in.  I was born and raised on an acreage on the edge of town, in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada.  In my growing up years, Humboldt was considered a "town", small enough to know almost everyone, large enough to be a very long walk from one end of town to the other, that was a long one mile walk for me to and from school almost every day throughout my school years.  Sometimes I walked home for lunch and back, that's when I was in High School.  I got lots of exercise daily, which allotted me some needed "waking up" on the way to school and "debriefing" time on the way home from school.  When my friends and I had graduated from High School, most of them moved away, going to the "city life" or leaving the province to make their lives.  I recall one of my friends who moved away, would come back to visit her mother, and when we connected she would make the remark," so you're still in "hum drum!"  I felt inferior by that remark, kind of like a small town "hick". Small town life didn't have the excitement  and glamour of  the big city.  I was married and raising my own children in Humboldt then.  I had ideas of leaving Humboldt to start a new life, where I could break new ground with meeting new people and explore new places and things to do.   My ground breaking was really striving to make my life meaningful and purposeful right here, where I am.  Making the best of what I have.  I was a stay at home mother for many years, taking on the odd part time job, but ultimately wanted to be at home for my children to have a consistent anchor while they were growing up.  During the child raising years, I was very busy with all three of our children involved in extra curricular activities,  there was no time to be bored.  My creativity helped me make do with less. The decision I made to live with less money was a potent time for me to realize the power of my creative imagination. I created an annual garden, preserved food, made nutritious, tasty, home cooked meals, sewed, redecorated the house, found alternative ways to support my desire for a fun wardrobe, and created a long list of resources I gathered by visiting the public library for free books to learn how to improve my self awareness, and everything else in my life that I thought could use improvement.

    The stay at home environment had presented me with many challenges to face.  As our children were growing and entering their teens, I was looking ahead at my life after they would leave home.  I worked a seasonal job in the springtime at  a local business, Misty Gardens Greenhouse. It was a great place to work. This job offered me the experience of feeling the difference plant life makes on my spirit, and everyone else's. Working with others in that environment seemed to magically bring us all closer in connection with one another.  I learned so much about hardy plants to grow here, and how great it is to have a worker climate that is nurturing, fun and productive all at the same time.  My work place felt like family, and I often felt it was like heaven on earth in our most favorable moments.  My boss at the time approached me with an idea that I might like to take the "Philosophy" class at St. Peter's College in Muenster, which was five to ten minutes from Humboldt.  My boss said the professor was really good, his name was Tim Lillburn, who was a published writer.   I had no idea why she thought that I'd be interested in taking a University class, and "Philosophy", of all things.  Later on, in fall of 2001, I followed her suggestion with curiosity and  applied to take the Philosophy class for credit at St. Peter's College.  The University experience was exciting and difficult for me, I had been out of school for seventeen years with very little computer knowledge.  I loved the Philosophy class with all the amazing historical knowledge, learned how to use the computer to do University papers, wrote 2 papers, participated in regular class symposiums and passed the exam to receive my first University credit.  I eventually found myself continuing University credited classes in Art for the next 8 years. I was not bored here in Hum Drum. 

    I've been continuing my personal development in the on-line Lifeforce Coaching Certification program with Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Deborah King. I learnt how to play hand drums at Westminster United Church in spring of 2013, I listen regularly to a lively spiritual choir on-line where I can sing along anytime (mostly when I am alone), I am presently holding a Community Art Space at Westminster United Church, and I'm taking "Healing Hula" dance lessons via Skype from another student companion in Deborah King's on-line program.  I've come to know and appreciate the value of all the arts with their influence in lifting my spirit, inspiring my creativity, improving a heightened sense of well being along with a positive view of life and more joyful, meaningful connections with others. 

    Back in the kitchen where I was inspired with the words "hum drum", I sat down to write a poem that day, supporting a vision for Humboldt, where "Hum Drum is fun!" :  

                                                                                                Hum Drum Is Fun!
                                                                                              Play, dance, hum, drum,

write, speak, have fun,

become a part of Community Art

in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.