"Express Yourself to Wellness" with Cynthia Stumborg, artist and Certified Lifeforce Coach who resides in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Cynthia facilitates art and healing workshops to encourage and support emotional healing, self empowerment and healthy, nurturing connections.  Using a variety of approaches in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, writing, hand drumming, various forms of music and dance, Cynthia creates themed and open expression workshops. Uncensored writing and releasing exercises are encouraged in a safe and compassionate environment. Focused art themes involve recognizing, valuing and appreciating beauty in ourselves, others and the world around us, expressing honor, joy, peace, desire, and visioning. Cynthia invites you to join her in building a vibrant, compassionate, supportive, expansive world community through the arts.


Express Yourself to Wellness


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 Art and Healing Express



"The aim of art is to represent not the

outward appearance of things, but

their inward significance."    -Aristotle